9 The Walk, Billericay, Essex,CM12 9YB



Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is a common reaction to life events and this Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop is designed to look at new ways to better meet the challenges and demands of every day life.

We will be combining meditation exercises with an overview of the theory behind how the practice of mindfulness leads to a decrease in stress and anxiety and an increase in overall emotional well-being.

You will leave us with a better understanding of what mindfulness is and practical tools that take no time from your day but can be incorporated into your everyday life.

This workshop is designed to learn new ways of being able to find a sense of peace and calm in our ever busy lives.

How it works:

Provide a meeting room, training room and/or boardroom, a chair for each participant and access to a desk/meeting table.

Access to projector, screen and link up

Capacity: 30 people

Length: 2 hours