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Classes suitable for all levels
Yang to Yin

Yang to Yin Yoga is a transformational practice beginning with a vinyasa sequence to strengthen the muscles and increase the blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility (Yang). The sequence will slow to finish with long, deep and restorative poses (Yin), to calm the nervous system and bring about a sense of balance and harmony.

Suitable for all levels, variations will be provided to ensure your practice is kept personal for you.

Mondays at 9.30am & Tuesdays at 7pm.


Our mat based Pilates class is designed for you to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body.

Emphasis is placed on alignment & breath to develop a strong core, improve coordination and find balance. Suitable for all levels – variations will be provided.

Postponed from 17th March 2020 – we will be back!

Balance Flow

Balance Flow blends elements from Tai Chi and Vinyasa Yoga and starts with movement to warm-up the body and connect with the breath.

Attention will be given to balancing poses that develop lightness and strength with sequences to improve core stability and balance – at the emotional and mental levels too.

Suitable for all levels – adjustments are offered to suit your body.

Thursdays at 9.30am.

Gentle yoga
beginners Yoga

A class specifically designed for those who are new to yoga and want to build a firm foundation of a yoga practice.

This is a wonderful & popular class where you can flow gently through a sequence of postures looking at alignment whilst improving balance, flexibility and strength of
mind & body.

Thursdays at 6.30pm.

relax & flow

Level 1 classes are ideal for beginners and those wanting a slow movement and deep stretching with lots of time to heal & restore. The  perfect antidote to a Yang Lifestyle (think running, cycling, power-based vinyasa).

If you want to find a space of peace & calm, then these classes are for you!

A firm favourite, join us in moving mindfully & through a gentle sequence to unfurl the body and soothe your mind & soul and finish with a blissful relaxation practice or guided meditation.

Wednesdays at 7pm, Friday at 9.30am, Saturday at 10am & Sunday at 5pm.

Something a little more dynamic

Vinyasa 108

A Vinyasa 108 class is guaranteed to be full of flowing, fun & logical sequencing to develop our physical practice, connect with our breath and deepen our “work-in”.

Our Vinyasa 108 classes have an uplifting and soulful vibe and do have the potential to be dynamic to inspire and improve your practice and understanding.

Monday at 7pm, Tuesday & Wednesday at 9.30am, Friday at 10.45am, Saturday at 8.45am & Sunday at 8.30am.

Specialist Classes

little yogis

This fun & nurturing yoga class for children is especially designed for ages 4 – 11.

Our little Yogis will move through a series of yoga poses aswell as learning breathing & relaxation techniques which will give them the tools to cultivate a calm mind, increase confidence, strength and flexibility and improve concentration through games, stories, and music.

Vikki is an experienced & wonderful Yoga & Mindfulness teacher for children, teens and adults and has worked with many schools and after school clubs.

Vikki says “as a teacher of yoga to children we are teaching as much about gratitude, self-belief and love of life as we are teaching stretching and breathing exercises.”

Classes run every Thursday at 4pm – term time only.

Teen Yoga

A weekly yoga class for those above 11 years of age.

This class is set in a relaxed atmosphere, where there is time to wind down, relax and experience the joy of Yoga. Tweens and teens will boost their fitness levels practising poses that will increase their strength, flexibility, and improve posture. They will learn breathing techniques that will calm the nervous system and help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Liana Oldham is mother to three kids and is very passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to all no matter age. She specialised in Yoga Therapy for Adolescence with the Teen Yoga Foundation/Yogacampus London.

No need for special clothing. Comfy joggings and t-shirt are fine. Please bring a water bottle.

Class runs every Friday at 4.45pm – term time only.

private yoga

1-2-1 sessions
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group bookings
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