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Our Team

Nathalie Manning
Founder of Wellness 108
“After being diagnosed with M.E. when I was 31, I decided to choose Yoga over conventional treatment and  soon fell in love with the practice, the philosophy of Yoga.  As my practice deepened, my health improved and life began to change”.
Such is Nathalie’s belief in the transformational power of yoga, Nathalie successfully completed her Yoga Teacher Training and founded Wellness 108 (then called TotalLife108) in March 2017 in order to share the therapeutic value of Yoga and her love of the practice and its philosophy.  Passionate that Yoga remains accessible for every-body, Nathalie’s classes are inclusive, friendly and non-dogmatic with creative sequencing, a keen sense of alignment and space for you to be you.  Nathalie believes that Yoga is a solution for our modern day lives and that, in remembering who truly we are, we can really begin to live.
Geema Davies
Gemma Davies
Gemma discovered yoga when she was 17 and her love for Yin Yoga has grown over the years.  Gemma specialises in this beautiful style of yoga along with the immensely healing practice of Yoga Nidra and feels it was definitely life changing along with being the second most amazing, magical piece of life to be imbedded within her heart and soul – the first being her son.
It is the stillness of Yin Yoga that Gemma finds so powerful as an antidote for a fast paced world and her creative & skilled teaching will lead you to inner peace, softness & release.
Jessie-May Cable
Jessie-May Cable
Jessie was first drawn to yoga in 2012 as an antidote to anxiety. From the very first class she was amazed with the effects the practice had on both body and mind & yoga became her passion & wholeheartedly believes that yoga, mindfulness and the breath can give you the tools to keep you healthy and well both in the mind and body.
Jessie has studied with Mark Ansari and Raquel Salvador along with renowned teachers Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White at The Yoga Campus, London specialising in Pregnancy Yoga.
Jessie says “Pregnancy and Motherhood is the most beautiful rewarding journey but it’s not always plain sailing and can be hard. Yoga helps Mums to be kind to themselves and create space when it’s most needed”. 
Karen Stalley
Karen worked in London for 18 years until she left to follow her dream of becoming a Pilates instructor. She had been practicing it for many years, before becoming an instructor and found it made her body stronger, improved her posture and got rid of any aches or pains from sitting at a desk all day. Since changing careers she’s not looked back and loves helping her clients strengthen their cores and improving their overall fitness and health.
Her classes are fun, friendly and suitable for all abilities from beginners to advanced.
Kerry Conway
Kerry conway

Kerry was first drawn to the practice of yoga 14 years ago as a tool to compliment her career in dance, music and art.
It was when Kerry began using meditation as a tool throughout pregnancy and birth and her asana practice helped her adjust to her changing physical form that she began to understand how yoga can truly enhance life’s experience.
Kerry is dedicated in creating space for magic to enter, expecting the unexpected, accepting and embracing where we are and what we have today.
Liana Oldham
Liana oldham
Liana’s yoga journey started over 20 years ago in Brazil when she stepped into an Ashtanga Yoga class to de-stress from a demanding and successful career in the Media Industry. 
Liana is an avid yogi and her classes focus on achieving balance both on and off the mat as well as learning how to use the breath and maintain our focus in our practice and in our lives.
As well as teaching Balance Flow & Vinyasa 108 at Wellness 108, Liana also teaches Teens and is a mother to three kids and is very passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to all no matter age. She specialised in Yoga Therapy for Adolescence with the Teen Yoga Foundation/Yogacampus London.
As well as teaching yoga, Louise is a school teacher in a SEN school.Louise is a certified 200h Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher, ‘Special Yoga Teacher’ and is currently studying the 500hr Advance YTT with Jason Crandall.
As well as being a dedicated yoga teacher, Louise is also a committed student and loves to study and learn more about all aspects of yoga, apply new science to modern yoga and incorporate these into her classes.
Louise’s classes offer her students space to explore and connect to themselves.  Louise is passionate about providing her students with a safe and sustainable yoga practice that celebrates all bodies.
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Michelle began her yoga journey back in 2003 when she first arrived in the UK from Canada.  Over the years, she found that she benefitted from her yoga practice both physically and mentally.  Yoga helped her relax from the stress of work, helped her recover from depression and even helped with the birth of her two children.
In fact, she loved yoga so much, she decided to further her practice by enrolling in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, where she happily discovered she loved teaching the adults that came to the studio.After teaching children for 20 years, Michelle decided to take her teaching career in a new direction and began teaching yoga full-time.
Michelle’s encouraging and accessible style will leave you feeling positive and lighter in soul.  Her belief that everyone can do yoga and that everyone has a different body, means she will give you just the right options so that you can achieve any pose.
Her up-beat classes are filled with laughter and fun. She looks forward to sharing her passion and knowledge of yoga with you. 
Vikki Kavanagh
Vikki Kavanagh
Vikki Kavanagh started teaching children’s yoga in 2014 with the ambition to bring yoga to children’s lives so that it is more than just an exercise but “about touching hearts and not just toes.”  Having qualified to teach Yoga to Children at the Special Yoga Centre under the guidance of Jo Manuel, Vikki continued her yoga training and has completed a Foundation Course and level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga. Vikki also teaches family yoga, works with local schools in after school clubs and/or PE lessons. along with being a meditation and mindfulness teacher for adults, children and teens.
​”as a teacher of yoga to children we are teaching as much about gratitude, self-belief and love of life as we are teaching stretching and breathing exercises.”